Core Values of UNC Asheville

UNC Asheville is committed to living the core values of diversity and inclusioninnovation, and sustainability, and ensuring that they permeate everything that the university does. Meeting these commitments requires an openness to change, creative and innovative approaches to programmatic growth, and a sustained focus on education including diverse ideas, as well as sufficient operating resources and support systems, incentives, and accountability measures.

Diversity and Inclusion

We must continue to foster a deep commitment to supporting diverse communities and appropriately encouraging frank and honest conversation. Our commitment leads us to envision a future where all UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff know they belong regardless of their race and ethnicity, age, religion, disability, socio-economic status, gender expression, gender and sexual identity, national origin, culture, and ideological beliefs.

UNC Asheville’s commitment includes ensuring that our curriculum and programs reflect the diversity of the world and our community; that our education embraces inclusive teaching and learning styles; that ongoing efforts are made to create a multicultural environment throughout the campus; that we include diverse perspectives in all conversations concerning the advancement of the university and our society; and that our recruitment, hiring and administrative practices place high value on all aspects of diverse identities.


In today’s evolving and competitive higher education environment, successful institutions make innovation a core competency. UNC Asheville recognizes that a commitment to innovation requires openness to change and a willingness to do things differently.

Innovation enriches the quality of education and strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission. Innovation drives thoughtful, intentional change that will help us enhance our educational programs, enrich the student experience, and engage more fully with our communities. Innovative partnerships strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission and contribute to student success.

Innovative approaches to organization also lead to increased operational efficiency and effectiveness. Developing creative new policies, procedures, and practices that save time and money and lead to positive, measurable outcomes can have a major impact on the entire institution.


We must continue our commitment to sustainability and support of the natural environment, human communities, and the financial health of the institution.

Our commitment to sustainability includes building and strengthening alliances on campus and beyond by encouraging active participation with community organizations and partners, promoting enduring alumni engagement, and facilitating inclusive discussions about a sustainable future. We must sustain affordable higher education and continue to identify new sources of support while also operating effectively and efficiently.

We educate students about all dimensions of sustainability by integrating environmental literacy throughout the curriculum and by modeling sustainable campus practices. We will continue to build our students’ capacities to strengthen the health and resilience of our community and environment, at the local and global levels, by providing high quality instructional expertise and by supporting sustainability-related learning opportunities.