Strategic Direction 4: Organizational Capacity

Guided by our core values of diversity, innovation, and sustainability, continuously improve our organizational capacity and position UNC Asheville to thrive in an increasingly competitive higher education environment.

The three previous strategic directions outline an ambitious agenda for UNC Asheville: academic rigor, student success, and community engagement. Fulfilling UNC Asheville’s mission and achieving the aspirations embedded in this plan will require sustained efforts to ensure a resilient organizational infrastructure, significant financial resources, and a greater capacity to communicate.

Strategy 1

Build broad based recognition and awareness of UNC Asheville and a deeper understanding of its mission as North Carolina’s public liberal arts university.

Preliminary thoughts on action areas for further planning:

  • Promote the UNC Asheville brand and build our identity, both internally and externally.
  • Raise external awareness of UNC Asheville and its many programs and services in Asheville and across the state.
  • Ensure that UNC Asheville communications contribute to building a positive and consistent institutional identity.
  • Additional action areas to be identified.

Strategy 2

Ensure ongoing financial viability for UNC Asheville through multi-pronged, innovative approaches that include fundraising, foundation support, grants, and organizational efficiencies.

Preliminary thoughts on action areas for further planning:

  • Strengthen advancement strategies to more fully engage alumni and other donors and encourage their ongoing support of UNC Asheville.
  • Take a bold approach to bond issues and other means of developing support at the state level.
  • Work with our community partners to identify potential new resources in support of both current needs and innovative new programs and offerings.
  • Increase our ability to procure grant based funding across the institution.
  • Increase endowed funds in support of scholarships for students.
  • Identify organizational efficiencies and opportunities to reallocate resources to better support current priorities.
  • Additional action areas to be identified.

Strategy 3

Undertake ongoing review and assessment of policies and practices to ensure that UNC Asheville continues to provide effective environmental stewardship.

Preliminary thoughts on action areas for further planning:

  • Review and update as necessary environmental stewardship programs and priorities.
  • Additional action areas to be identified.

Strategy 4

Create a master plan that takes into account future programmatic needs, evolving student requirements, university and community partnerships, and the dynamic technological environment.

Preliminary thoughts on action areas for further planning:

  • Develop a process for master planning that includes informed input from across the campus community.
  • Assess ongoing technological needs and enhance appropriate technology systems in support of UNC Asheville’s evolving programs/curriculum, student life, and campus operations.
  • Develop public and private partnerships to actualize plans to develop selected properties.
  • Additional action areas to be identified.

Strategy 5

Evolve our organizational structures and decision making processes to ensure appropriate levels of inclusion and engagement, breaking down barriers, improving efficiency, and enabling highly effective collaboration and communication.

Preliminary thoughts on action areas for further planning:

  • Ensure that our governance structures are inclusive and encourage participation by diverse members of our community.
  • Eliminate redundancies between groups or within group membership where appropriate.
  • Ensure that our policies are inclusive and appropriate, and that they provide incentives to students, faculty and staff and remove barriers to success.
  • Find new ways to support a culture in which new ideas are encouraged and heard, and inform decision-making.
  • Develop a multi-directional internal communication strategy that effectively disseminates information about UNC Asheville and also provides multiple ways for individuals and groups to express their ideas.
  • Additional action areas to be identified.