Inspire. Innovate. Engage.

Success means creating a culture that recognizes that our strength as an institution lies in our diversity, and that we must nurture our community to make it more inclusive and accepting. Success also requires innovation, encouraging everyone to take risks, try new ideas, and spread good ideas across our community. Success requires a strong commitment to holding ourselves accountable as we strive to meet our goals. To be a successful university of the future we will commit to a culture of sustainability, continuously finding new ways to support the natural environment, our communities, and the long-term health of the institution and her people.

UNC Asheville’s plan rises from a commitment to our mission as a public liberal arts institution, distinct in the state of North Carolina and a national leader, as one of the founding members and headquarters of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. As one of 17 institutions in the UNC System, our plan draws from statewide priorities of access, affordability and efficiency, student success, economic impact, and excellent and diverse institutions. Through this plan, UNC Asheville will continue to press forward as a nationally recognized center of creativity, innovation, and excellence in the public liberal arts.


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